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Jazz Bass Pickups Summary:

“Bought these pups to uprate an old Squier jazz bass I picked up and the end result is very good indeed. Plenty of punch and good note clarity”
The Ironstone Jazz Bass pickups are Ironstone’s first Bass pickup design. They feature classic 7.3K bridge and 7.1K Ohm neck resistances for rich, but crisp vintage tones. The classic construction also includes:
  • Alnico V vintage tone magnets
  • Fibre flat work bobbins
  • Waxed cloth connecting cable

The Jazz Bass pickups are available as individual bridge, or neck, as well as a set. The set only, is additionally supplied in a rugged foam-lined presentation case (see photos). A comprehensive mounting kit accompanies all purchases.

Also check out the new Ironstone hum cancelling dummy coil option with for your new or existing Jazz Bass pickup set;
Jazz Bass Dummy Coil System

(available as a reduced price option when purchased with a set in the selection box below)

Please note: The prices above and below are the UK total price including standard Royal Mail postage. Non UK customers will be advised of an additional small postal charge during the checkout process.




These Jazz Bass pickups, like the Ironstone Stratocaster & Telecaster range, are based on Alnico V magnet Pole Pieces for warm vintage tone. They feature resistances of 7.3K (bridge) and 7.1K Ohm for a balance of full authoritative bass, but with crispness in the tone to stand out in the mix. Their classic construction includes traditional fibre flat work bobbins and flat pattern Alnico pole pieces, spaced at  63mm (neck) and 65mm (bridge). To complete the vintage appeal, a generous length of waxed cloth (‘push-back’) connection cable is fitted.

The pickups are configured as RWRP configuration, i.e. noise cancelling when selected / blended together.
Standardly supplied with a fully comprehensive mounting kit of screws, springs, 2 lengths of self adhesive foam to attach under the pickups to support the mounting and a length of latex tubing. Simply cut this tubing into appropriate lengths for your instrument (approx 1cm), and use an alternative to the conventional springs, providing a firm yet adjustable mount.
Please note some Jazz Bass pickups come in differing physical sizes. These are 95mm (Bridge) and 91mm (Neck) long.
The wiring colour code is;
Bridge pickup:    Yellow = signal , black = ground
Neck pickup:       White = signal , black = ground

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Also check out the new Ironstone hum cancelling dummy coil for your new or existing JB pickup set;
Jazz Bass Dummy Coil System

2 reviews for Jazz Bass Guitar Pickups Alnico V

  1. 5 out of 5

    (verified owner)

    I decided to try this pickups first of all for their really super competitive price, i have a fretless jazz bass with humbuckers , and i was searching search a true vintage style alnico V single coil.These pickups are great, a really vintage sound jazz bass with a very nice dynamics to the fingers touch, they sound fantastic with my fretless.
    They are very well made , with lot of attention to the details, they came with all the accessories for mountig and also something more ( plastic covers , neoprene cushion foam , screws and also a rubber tube and also with springs!! ) all into a very nice plastic box, for their cost they are near to be a miracle!!
    I highly recommend this jazz bass Ironstone pickups, they sound very nice, are very well made and have a really outstanding value.

    • Many thanks for the comments Marco. I try to provide a complete kit as you have found!

  2. 4 out of 5

    Bought these pups to uprate an old Squier jazz bass I picked up and the end result is very good indeed..Plenty of punch and good note clarity even with the flat wound strings that I use for blues/country rock.Well constructed and with a comprehensive fitting kit,choice of springs,foam,or rubber tubing and screws these pups are very good value.

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