Stratocaster Pickups

“…your (Hybrid) pups are so good it’s almost criminal”
“Well I’ve fitted the hybrid pups into my Fender Strat and OMG, what an unbelievable difference, they are simply awesome”


Stratocaster Hybrid Alnico V: 

The Ironstone Stratocaster Hybrid Alnico V pickups at a glance:

  • “These pickups are beasts – they are not “hot” they are nuclear!”
  • Pickup resistance ( +/- 5%); Bridge 9.1K, Middle 7.7K, Neck 7.7K
  • Supplied with Cream, White or Black cover options
  • The tone is not so much an artist as an era! Think classic late 60’s, early 70’s Fender & artist like Hendrix, Gallagher & Trower.
  • Mounting hardware includes screws, springs and Latex tubing for your mounting style choice.