Stratocaster Pickups

“just wanted to say, the p/ups arrived really quickly, & I got them fitted by the fine luthier at the local music shop, & took the guitar to the gig last night & it truly rocked! Your p/ups have turned a nice Squier into a truly great GUITAR. (Quote me if you like – previously I have used Bare Knuckle P/ups so I think I know a great p/up when I hear one!).”


Stratocaster Platinum Alnico V: 

The Ironstone Stratocaster Platinum Alnico V pickups at a glance:

  • “These pickups are beasts – they are not “hot” they are nuclear!”
  • Pickup resistance ( +/- 5%); Bridge 8.5k Ohm, Middle & Neck 7.4k Ohm
  • Supplied with Cream, White or Black cover options
  • Great for playing styles that emphasize gritty higher output Blues or Classic Rock tones, yet are still able to produce silky smooth warm tones when dialled back a little
  • Mounting hardware includes screws, springs and Latex tubing for your mounting style choice.