Stratocaster Technical Specifications
Stratocaster Pickups

A set of shared Stratocaster technical specifications delivers warm vintage tones as a common tonal theme across the Ironstone Strat designs. This is aimed at generating the tones associated with early Strat designs and players.

So expect your Ironstone Strat pickups to share the same beveled edge Alnico V pole pieces, whatever style you choose. They also commonly feature very low noise screened audio grade cable for the best possible electrical noise performance, a common issue with single coil pickup designs.

But there is of course variation in some features such as the number of coil windings. The number of coil windings determines the amount of copper wire used, the resistance of the pickup and broadly the individual character of the pickup. Simply, the lower the number of windings (and thus resistance), the lower the overall pickup output and the cleaner its tone will be. Conversely, a higher winding level will increase the relative output and give the pickup more ‘gain’ or dynamic range, meaning its ability to react to hard and soft playing styles.

The choice is yours.

Stratocaster Technical Specifications: