Stratocaster silver Alnico V

Stratocaster Silver Alnico V Guitar Pickups

“And well, it really IS a strat now! I was just looking for something a bit less ‘dull’ than the original pups, but was blown away by these things….I can get a ridiculously convincing ‘little wing’ tone on the neck and mid. The bridge is indeed slightly hotter, with that classic strat surf guitar ‘twang’.”

Stratocaster Silver Alnico V: 

The Ironstone Stratocaster silver Alnico V pickups at a glance:

  • “”Great pickups – best I’ve heard for pure vintage strat tones! A+++++””
  • Pickup resistance ( +/- 5%); Bridge 7.7K, Middle & Neck 6.6K
  • Supplied with White, Cream or Black cover options
  • Great for playing that emphasizes warm, vintage Blues or ‘clean’ styles but with the added grunt of the higher Bridge output when needed.
  • Mounting hardware includes screws and springs


Stratocaster Gold Alnico V

Stratocaster Gold Alnico V Guitar Pickups

“I honestly don’t know how you do them at this price – £30 EACH would still be a bargain”

Stratocaster Gold Alnico V: 

The Ironstone Stratocaster Gold Alnico V pickups at a glance:

  • “MATE how good are these pups just fitted them i cannot believe it they are FAB”
  • Pickup resistance ( +/- 5%); Bridge 5.7K, Middle 5.4K, Neck 5.7K
  • Supplied with White, Cream or Black cover options
  • Great for playing that aims to capture those classic 60’s tones (the Golds are often chosen as the basis for excellent Shadows / HM tones). The cleanest bell like tones of the Ironstone range
  • Mounting hardware includes screws and springs



Stratocaster Platinum Alnico V Guitar Pickups

“just wanted to say, the p/ups arrived really quickly, & I got them fitted by the fine luthier at the local music shop, & took the guitar to the gig last night & it truly rocked! Your p/ups have turned a nice Squier into a truly great GUITAR. (Quote me if you like – previously I have used Bare Knuckle P/ups so I think I know a great p/up when I hear one!).”


Stratocaster Platinum Alnico V: 

The Ironstone Stratocaster Platinum Alnico V pickups at a glance:

  • “These pickups are beasts – they are not “hot” they are nuclear!”
  • Pickup resistance ( +/- 5%); Bridge 8.5k Ohm, Middle & Neck 7.4k Ohm
  • Supplied with Cream, White or Black cover options
  • Great for playing styles that emphasize gritty higher output Blues or Classic Rock tones, yet are still able to produce silky smooth warm tones when dialled back a little
  • Mounting hardware includes screws, springs and Latex tubing for your mounting style choice.




Stratocaster Hybrid Alnico V Guitar Pickups

“…your (Hybrid) pups are so good it’s almost criminal”
“Well I’ve fitted the hybrid pups into my Fender Strat and OMG, what an unbelievable difference, they are simply awesome”


Stratocaster Hybrid Alnico V: 

The Ironstone Stratocaster Hybrid Alnico V pickups at a glance:

  • “These pickups are beasts – they are not “hot” they are nuclear!”
  • Pickup resistance ( +/- 5%); Bridge 9.1K, Middle 7.7K, Neck 7.7K
  • Supplied with Cream, White or Black cover options
  • The tone is not so much an artist as an era! Think classic late 60’s, early 70’s Fender & artist like Hendrix, Gallagher & Trower.
  • Mounting hardware includes screws, springs and Latex tubing for your mounting style choice.



Sound clips

Strat Sound Clips (Stratocaster)

Ironstone provide a wide selection of Strat sound clips (Stratocaster), as well as videos for you to browse through. Guitar pickup tone is often a very personal preference. If you are primarily a ‘single coil’ player who likes ‘Clean’ tones, you may not be particularly concerned about a pickups performance when driven hard. Similarly a more metal orientated player is likely to be less demanding of glassy clarity.
Of course many, many players want some of both!
And Humbucker tones, whilst very different to single coil pickups, also have their own tonal span from dark and moody to ceramic magnet screamers!

Strat Sound Clips:

Best Stratocaster Pickups

Best Strat (Stratocaster) Pickups

If you are trying to emulate a particular guitarists tone, the best Strat (Stratocaster) pickups for that tone are critical to achieving the best starting point. Modern effects boxes and amplifier modelling units / software can do an amazing job. But particularly for vintage tones, that needs to start at the pickups to be both authentic and characterful.
And every pickup design is some form of compromise, so the best Stratocaster pickup for any given style, is not necessarily the best for another style.
Click on read more (below) to get a feel of the individual characters of the Ironstone stratocaster pickup range.

Best Stratocaster Pickups:


Stratocaster Technical Specifications

Stratocaster Technical Specifications

A set of shared Stratocaster technical specifications delivers warm vintage tones as a common tonal theme across the Ironstone Strat designs. This is aimed at generating the tones associated with early Strat designs and players.

So expect your Ironstone Strat pickups to share the same beveled edge Alnico V pole pieces, whatever style you choose. They also commonly feature very low noise screened audio grade cable for the best possible electrical noise performance, a common issue with single coil pickup designs.

But there is of course variation in some features such as the number of coil windings. The number of coil windings determines the amount of copper wire used, the resistance of the pickup and broadly the individual character of the pickup. Simply, the lower the number of windings (and thus resistance), the lower the overall pickup output and the cleaner its tone will be. Conversely, a higher winding level will increase the relative output and give the pickup more ‘gain’ or dynamic range, meaning its ability to react to hard and soft playing styles.

The choice is yours.

Stratocaster Technical Specifications: