“I played a gig with your alternate spec Hybrid strat pickups the other day and I was pleasantly surprised.
We arrived at the gig quite late so had to play without having a soundcheck. I was a bit worried as my amp and pedals were all
set up for use with my (absolutely cracking) Custom Shop strat. It usually takes a bit of tweaking to get a sound I’m comfortable with, but on this occasion it was a case of plugging in and starting the set straight away! Guess what …. The hybrids were great. They
had a great springy sound, with the top end cutting through nicely. They have the classic strat sound that reminds me of the earlier strat sounds of rock. I’ve noticed too that the strings on the strat actually sound brighter and newer than they did with a set of Bareknuckle pups with the same strings! (yes – too tight to change the strings when I changed the pups!).
Great – very versatile pups. I’m really glad I got them – the guitar feels more alive and resonant now (Maybe it’s because your pups have less of a magnetic pull on the strings than the high output Bareknuckles?).
Great buy – I look forward to my next bash!”



“Got the Hybrids and Tele set today, thanks. The Hybrids are quite simply superb.  Incredibly versatile.  I use a a Duo Tone set up and the cleans with no load at all are incredible.  Then you ramp them up and they go beserk; as you back them off you can get just about anything you could possibly want.  There’ll be a set of Duncans and some Tex Mexs on Ebay soon if anyone’s interested.
Off to monster up the Tele now!”



“These (Platinums) are the 2nd set of pups I’ve bought from you. First purchase (hybrids) was based on your price, customer feedback and extensive explanation of what you make and what you sell. All this was info was lacking from other products in the same price range..
I currently own 3 strats and have probably had another half dozen thru my hands over the past 30yrs. I also worked in guitar retail after leaving school.

Here is the point – your’re pick ups are amazing (well the hybrid ones I first purchased). I’m discovering tones that Ive only heard on the classic hendrix/gilmour/SRV recordings and never discovered on any of the strats ive owned. I cannot rate them highly enough, cannot over state just how good the range of tones is and am fully set to upgrade all my strats to your pups over coming months.

I’ve spent £50-90 upgrading single pups (not sets) before now, and been less impressed.
I wish you the very best in the future – and I expect to be hearing more references to your brand in the future.”



“Just to let you know that I did my first gig with these pickups last week with my blues band…….really good, well impressed with them. I have played Strats Gibsons and other high end guitar through Fender amps for nearly 40 years, and have never had such a
good sound for the blues lead solos for single coils !!.
I put them into a new Tokai TST50…..£650 quid against nearly £2000 for my custom strat……..”



“Just to let you know how I got on installing the Hybrid pups. I dug out my Korean Squier Strat Deluxe from its case where its been untouched for the last sixteen years.The guitar is still in immaculate condition. After a few adjustments and a new set of strings the tone was a bit thin for my liking., so I thought I would get some better pups.

Found your site, bought some Hybrids and fitting was a breeze. Plugged in, turned on the power and COWABUNGA!!! I am absolutely blown away by the variety and quality of tones I can achieve. The guitar has become alive, I can`t put it down.
For me they cover the whole spectrum of tones I need, Hank Marvin, the Ventures, Buddy Hollie, Chuck Berry, Mark Knopfler, SRV, Gary Moore and Slash to name but a few. I am absolutely delighted and can highly recommend these pickups.
Regards from a highly satisfied customer.”