“These (Platinums) are the 2nd set of pups I’ve bought from you. First purchase (hybrids) was based on your price, customer feedback and extensive explanation of what you make and what you sell. All this was info was lacking from other products in the same price range..
I currently own 3 strats and have probably had another half dozen thru my hands over the past 30yrs. I also worked in guitar retail after leaving school.

Here is the point – your’re pick ups are amazing (well the hybrid ones I first purchased). I’m discovering tones that Ive only heard on the classic hendrix/gilmour/SRV recordings and never discovered on any of the strats ive owned. I cannot rate them highly enough, cannot over state just how good the range of tones is and am fully set to upgrade all my strats to your pups over coming months.

I’ve spent £50-90 upgrading single pups (not sets) before now, and been less impressed.
I wish you the very best in the future – and I expect to be hearing more references to your brand in the future.”