Telecaster Wiring Diagram

Telecaster Wiring Explained:

Installing of a set of Telecaster style single coil pickups is quite straightforward with some basic soldering skills.
There are only 4 connections to make. Its very easy to test the installation prior to re-assembly and re-stringing. Simply use a normal amplifier and a small screwdriver.
The Telecaster wiring diagram below is a diagrammatic representation of a generic Telecaster configuration.
There are two specific points regarding (typical) Telecaster installations. The most obvious one is the pickup wiring routing. This normally passes through channels drilled in the body leading to the control plate cavity. This is unlike a Stratocaster. It means it the complete plate and pickups assembly once soldered in place cannot be so easily removed. But its easier to work on Tele electrics, by just lifting the control plate up without restringing.
Secondly, Stratocaster users will be familiar with the flying lead connecting the guitar earth to the rear trem claw. This grounds the metal bridge / saddles and strings out to prevent unwanted noise pickup. Typically a Telecaster does not use a seperate lead to do that. It relies instead on the earth associated with the bridge pickup. The earth transfers by the mechanical connection to the bridgeplate ('ashtray') via the screws and springs. 
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Ironstone Telecaster Wiring Diagram