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Legacy (Discontinued) Products:

Ironstone's product range has grown and evolved over the years. Inevitably some products have been discontinued, superseded or updated.

This page allows access to the original product information for those items for customer information and reference. Please note, any products listed here are no longer on sale (i.e. Custom Legacy (Discontinued) Product). The information is purely for customer information and historic interest. Simply click the purple title (or thumbnail) to link to the product.

                      Telecaster Triple Tone Control


Tele Triple Tone Control:

Telecaster / Tele single tone control potentiometers have a downside; they do not allow the two guitar pickups to be controlled independently (or provide a true 'no load' position).

The Tele 'Triple Tone' is based on a custom specification potentiometer. It is suitable for use with the Ironstone Telecaster, or any other Tele two pickup system and comprises; a custom potentiometer, capacitor and resistor.







Ironstone Pre-Amp Multi FX unit:

Easy to install with just some basic soldering skill, these little wonders will protect and enhance your guitar’s tone no matter what pickups you use as well as giving you a range of distortion / drive tones at the turn of a knob.

Suitable for use with Ironstone or other pickup system, this guitar pre-amp / multi overdrive effects PCB is designed for on-board guitar installation