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Ironstone Pickups gets a whole range of customer comments, questions and suggestions. So welcome to the Ironstone Blog, which will try to address some of these, as well as bringing you product news, information and generally things of interest to guitar tinkerers everywhere. 
Please feel free to leave comments and let us know any topics you are particularly interested in too.

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Tony Partridge: Ironstone Pickups

4 thoughts on “The Ironstone Blog

  1. Hi Tony.

    never realised you had a blog. Just popped on to buy another (should that be YET another) set of golds and saw the blog so I thought id say hi.
    If there is anyone reading this and cant make up their mind, press the buy button. you wont regret it! Im not sure how many sets of these pick ups I have bought but its probably into double figures now. I can only speak for strat pick ups as that is all I have bought, but Tony is a top bloke to deal with. He made me two oppositely wound sets of silver strat pick ups for my 6 pick up strat project. No extra cost… just sorted it for me. Since my first set of ironstones I have never used anything else. Most of my builds feature Golds although I have also used silvers. Cant recommend them highly enough

    Keep up the good work mate

    1. Thanks very much for the recommendation and comments Ian.
      Always a pleasure to hear how pleased returning customers are of course. And if any of you are wondering about that 6 pickup Strat project……
      Click Here

      1. hi, tony i recently bought 3 strat alnico v golds & i love them? i left a comment in august, i was just wondering on how to upload some clean sound samples from them, on to your channel? if possible . thanks!. paul.

        1. Hi Paul,
          Glad to hear you are so pleased with the Golds. The sound clip players on the site are apps that I place on the pages via the website editing process. So sound clips can’t be directly loaded. But I’m more than happy to include some clips from you if you simply email me the mp3′ to either of the email addresses shown on the ‘Contact Us’ page on the website. Cheers, Tony

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