Strat Sound Clips Gold

Stratocaster / Strat sound clips Gold style:

The Ironstone Stratocaster pickup family shares the warm, bright vintage tones. These are mainly derived from the use of Alnico V pole pieces. Yet each style has its own individual character blended with that base. This is driven by the level of copper windings (and thus resistance) of the individual pickups, and the overall make up of each set.

The Strat sound clips Gold style below give a representative sample of the tones available from this style. The Golds are great for playing that aims to capture those classic 60's tones (the Golds are often chosen as the basis for excellent Shadows / HM tones). The cleanest bell like tones of the complete Ironstone range.

Ironstone are happy to include good quality customer's Strat sound clips - please just get in touch through the Contact Us page.

Clean Tones:

Drive Tones:



Sounds of the 60’s:


For the first 5 tracks, thanks to Nev Jones professionally recorded clips using a Zoom 4040 direct to PC with Adobe Audacity fans.

Then thanks to Harold Gibling for his backing track recording of Jet Harris's Here I Stand with a set of Gold pickups.

Thanks to Kee Swift for some soulful Blues with a great 'Kitchen Audacity' recording 'Time to say Goodbye. And another from Nev Jones: Tranquil Sunrise.

A big thank you to:
> Ian Rees for his Shadows classic Wonderful Land. Guitar is a Futurama ST57, Echo is EFTP by Charlie Hall on a zoom G7.
> Salvatore Cerami for his version of Jonny River's Secret Agent Man, using a Squier 1950's Classic Vibe Strat' recorded via a virtual Vox AC30 amp and VST effects.
> Robson 'Hank' Field for his '1989' version of FBI, using a Vox Valvetronix.
> Ian again showing the versatility of the Gold's tone; Shadows followed by Dire Straits then The Eagles. How about that!
> Finally, 2 from Colin Shore. Apache and Theme for Young Lovers, recorded using a Boss BR80 and a G2.1u pedal with some edited EFTP settings.

Shadows Tones:

Firstly, my thanks to Frank Reinke for 3 sumptuous professional recordings of the Ironstone Golds with full Shadows style backing production.

Based in Germany, Frank also has a Shadows covers band called 'Shazam'. Check out some of their Youtubes;
Mary Lou

Shadows Tones:

Frank's equipment list;


Fender Classic Series 50`s Stratocaster (Fiesta red of course), with "Gold" Ironstone PU`s & maple neck.
Cutting edge high pass filter (selfmade), Korg AX 3000G, Behringer Ultragain Pro (Tube).
Boss SX-700 Multi Head Delay (programmed by F. Reinke), Moto 828mkII Firewire Interface, Apple Power PC G5, LOGIC Express 8.

Shadows Tones:


And a mix of 'Clean and Dirty' on a YouTube clip from Kevin (including a quick guitar shielding clip).

Gold videos from YouTuber Balesz36 Little Wing Intro, then Squier Bullet Soundcheck.

"As I play in a band that does a lot of Shadows type music, I get loads of folk asking about my lead guitar sound and how it's achieved, particularly about pickups and echo machines, but  lately I have been concerned about the trend of folks thinking that £249.00 set's of pickups are the answer, which clearly isn't the case. I have had the opportunity to test most of what is on offer in that price range and for the hell of it I bought a set of your Vintage Strat pickups about three months ago and tried them on a MIJ Premium Strat with great success. 
I also have the pickups fitted to a £99.00 Johnson guitar which has a MDF body. I fitted my own neck to the guitar for ease of playing, but you should be proud of the sound of those pickups, they nail it as it was  back in 1961 SPOT ON!"
North Notts Shadows Club - Dave Robinson.