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The Telecaster 5 Way set adds a hand wired, custom configured control plate to a specially matched pair of pickups. 5 stunning Tele tones!



"..... all I can say is" WOW" the pickups and tone controls are just amazing....."


Telecaster 5 way Set:

Complimenting the Ironstone Tele pickups, the Telecaster 5 way set consists of a pair of Ironstone pickups and a custom wired 5 way switching Tele control plate. This allows the normal 3 pickup selection plus series configuration and a simulated 'out of phase' mode. More tones than you thought were possible from a pair of Telecaster pickups, in a complete Telecaster solution that can be dropped into your guitar with minimal effort!

The Telecaster 5 way control plate is hand wired, using high quality components, including a Strat style 5 way lever switch to expand the normal Telecaster tones, and a Sprague ‘Orange Drop’ 33nF tone capacitor.

Treble Bleed and Gibson ‘Vintage 50’s’ tone control mods complete the attention to detail.

 Link to Telecaster 5 Way set


Telecaster 5 Way Control Plate

Telecaster 5 Way Control Plate