Stratocaster / Strat specifications;

A set of technical Stratocaster / Strat specifications aimed at generating the warm vintage tones of the early Strats designs, is shared across the Ironstone Stratocaster guitar pickup range. Whilst there is variation in some features such as the number of coil windings, the following are common features of the range. Please note, the following does not apply to the Origin pickups which use a wholly traditional build method.

Stratocaster Specifications:

> The pole pieces themselves are Alnico V - typical of many though not all Fender designs - giving increased power and sensitivity as the magnets are directly being influenced by the strings (a bar magnet design normally 'connects' indirectly to the strings via steel pole pieces).

> Symmetrical pole piece pattern allows right and left handed installation (except the Hybrid's asymmetrical pattern which means they are not recommended for left hand installation) .

> Shallow staggered Alnico pole piece design (except Hybrid), ideal for modern higher radius guitar fretboard.

> Varied Alnico Pole spacing designed to maximize each pickup’s sensitivity unlike cheaper constant spacing pickups - Bridge pickup 52mm between outer pole centres, Middle pickup 52mm, Neck pickup 50mm.



> Classic Reverse Wound / Reverse Polarity middle coil configuration to give the correct vintage position '2 and 4' tones.

> Colour coded output wiring is supplied as a generous length of shielded cable to each coil (classic twin wire configuration on the Gold series pickups).

> Cable Colour Coding;

  Bridge = BlueMiddle = YellowNeck = Red.

> Pickup resistance – varies by model see individual details. Tolerance is normally +/- 5% on stated values.

> All guitar pickups supplied with complete mounting hardware set and protectively wrapped

> Pickup covers available in White, Cream (aged White), or Black. Standard Fender 50/52/52 mm covers fit these pickups if you wish to use your own.