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As a professional electrical / electronic engineer with a life-long interest in music, I am fascinated by the tonal possibilities that electric guitar pickups (pups) offer.

To explain about Ironstone Pickups, a little history.

I started off hand crafting dozens of 'Tribute' guitars, custom guitars and scratchplates. But the missing link was always pickups with excellent vintage Alnico tonal quality, but at a reasonable price to do the guitars justice. And so Ironstone was created, beginning by developing a pickup specification and the tonal qualities required.

After a long search, a manufacturer was found to work with and produce the basic wound bobbins. I now work with a number of manufacturers in more than one country, who supply to me directly the raw builds, uniquely to Ironstone's own specifications based exclusively on Alnico magnets.

These are to my own specifications, they are not 'off the shelf' pickups. Once the raw products are here in the UK (depending on style), I then do everything from wax potting, pole stagger setting, taping, soldering connecting wires, to cleaning / testing and final inspection. It is a statement of fact that every one of the pickups Ironstone sells has been hand finished and final tested here in Rutland.

Ironstone Pickups, for your guitar pickup upgrade and replacement needs.

Tony Partridge

Tony Partridge - Ironstone Pickups Owner / Manager

They have been marketed very successfully on ebay as '2onanisland' since the beginning of 2010, serving many satisfied (and repeat!) customers in UK, Mainland Europe and North America ever since.

The original focus was on a small range of Stratocaster pickups, capturing 4 key Strat tone sets. In 2012, Ironstone introduced Alnico V based humbuckers and Telecaster style pickups, both available in sets, or as individual bridge or neck pickup choices. 

As part of creating an Ironstone Pickups community, the Ironstone Facebook page was launched, and has, amongst other things, become the home of the growing collection of customers guitar photographs.

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  Gilmour Specifications      Also in 2012, Ironstone Custom was launched.

This provides a focal point for the growing collection of Ironstone custom built scratchplates (the Gilmour Black Strat range using Ironstone's own Strat pickups) and Telecaster 5 way control plates (again complete with Ironstone Tele pickups), as well as other products designed to compliment the Ironstone experience.

Customer technical Support has always been a big part of the Ironstone offer, and under the Technical Support tab you will find a range of informational pages covering Stratocaster, Telecaster and Humbucker pickups, as well as related topics such as guitar shielding.

In 2015 this WordPress website was launched, an updated platform for the range including some brand new products. This started with Ironstone's first bass guitar pickup, the Jazz Bass style. Shortly after, Ironstone flagship Stratocaster pickup set, the 'Origin' was launched, featuring market leading mixed magnet configuration and classic vintage construction.

So enjoy the site, and any questions please just get in touch.

Customer comments, ideas and feedback always welcome! Contact Ironstone

Ironstone Pickups Custom Projects

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