Electric Guitar Pickups by Ironstone.

Welcome to the Ironstone Home page, featuring our range of Stratocaster (Strat), Telecaster (Tele), Bass and guitar products. Every single pickup we sell has been hand finished and individually tested in Ironstone’s Rutland workshop. Some of the best guitar pickups for value, tone and customer service.
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"...took the guitar to the gig last night & it truly rocked! Your p/ups have turned a nice Squier into a truly great guitar..."

Stratocaster guitar pickups from Ironstone. Four styles for four vintage Strat tones, all featuring Alnico V magnets; Silver, Gold, Platinum & Hybrid.

Ironstone Telecaster Pickups Alnico V & III

"....just fitted the pick-ups and they are great, I just turned a £100 Tele' into a £400 Tele' in 20 minutes...."

Telecaster electric guitar pickups. Warm vintage tones, with that unmistakable Tele 'Twang'. Features mixed Alnico 3 & V magnets and a rose copper bridge back plate.

THE IRONSTONE JAZZ BASS PICKUPSIronstone Jazz Bass Pickups Alnico V

"Plenty of punch and good note clarity even with the flat wound strings that I use for blues/country rock"

These Jazz Bass pickups are 'old school' construction, with fibre bobbins, Alnico V magnets and vintage push-back wiring. The result is a warm vintage sound, but with the 7.3K bridge and 7.1K neck delivering a clarity of tone that balances rich full bass with crisp treble detail. 

THE IRONSTONE 'GILMOUR' SCRATCHPLATEStratocaster Scratchplate Pickguard Troubleshooting

“All I can say is Brilliant, I installed the plate into my 1996 squire Strat and wow what a difference. I was considering buying a Fender Strat ,not now. A friend who is a blues man tried it out . It took me 4 hours to get the guitar back, and as for the price I don’t think it can be beaten. Thank you for the beautiful tone.”


A fully loaded Gilmour 'Black Strat' Stratocaster scratchplate assembly with unique custom pickup switching. Assembled with your choice of any Ironstone Stratocaster pickups.  Leaving just a simple 3 wire connection to your guitar, the scratchplate showcases both the original tone of your Ironstone pickups and adds 'Bridge in Series' and 'Neck in Parallel' switching to the normal 5 way selector, a total of 10 different tones. Colour options available for plate, pickup covers and controls.

Scratchplate now available with 'Bridge Blend' option as an alternative to the standard Neck in parallel functionality (at no extra cost). Both options get you the classic Gilmour 'bridge and neck in parallel' tones, just by different switching!

For more details, check out the Gilmour Scratchplate Wiring page, or contact us via the contact page for more details.

THE IRONSTONE TELECASTER 5 WAY SETIronstone 5 Way Telecaster set

"..... all I can say is" WOW" the pickups and tone controls are just amazing.....

The Telecaster 5 way set - Complimenting the Ironstone Telecaster pickups, this Telecaster 5 Way Control Plate set consists of a hand built, custom wired control plate and a pair of specially matched Tele pickups to give a complete Telecaster multi-tone solution that can be dropped into your guitar with minimal effort. The control plate uses high quality components, and  features a Strat style 5 way lever switch to expand the normal Telecaster tones, along with Treble Bleed and Gibson ‘Vintage 50’s’ tone control mods.

The Ironstone Telecaster 5 way control plate custom switching gives the following options;

  • Position 1 – Bridge & Neck in Series
  • Position 2 – Bridge Pickup only
  • Position 3 – Simulated ‘out of phase’ tone
  • Position 4 – Bridge & Neck in Parallel
  • Position 5 – Neck Pickup only