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Vintage Stratocaster Pickup Covers


Stratocaster Pickup Covers


The Stratocaster pickup covers are available (as a complete set of 3 pieces) to customers who simply want to change the colour scheme of their guitars, or move an Ironstone pickup set to a new guitar.
So Ironstone has made full sets of Stratocaster pickup covers available in Cream (aged White), White and Black. Please note, all Ironstone Stratocaster pickup styles use the same pole spacing;
Neck     50mm
Middle  52mm
Bridge   52mm
This is different to a number of other pickups on the market that use 52mm for all 3 positions.

Stratocaster Wiring Colour Code:

Bridge = Blue
Middle = Yellow
Neck = Red


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Vintage Stratocaster Pickup Covers;

The Ironstone Stratocaster pickup covers sets consist of 3 covers, a universal fit on all Ironstone Stratocaster styles.
They feature pole spacings of;
Neck     50mm
Middle  52mm
Bridge   52mm
Fitting instructions;
These vintage style covers are a push / friction fit. However, depending on the individual pickup winding, some covers may be more snug than others.
Firstly remove the old covers (as applicable), by holding the bobbin base end ears with one hand, and gently wiggling the covers off. Try to keep them close to perpendicular to the the bobbin and just use small rocking end to end movements.
The new covers go on similarly to how the original ones came off. Note that the neck is 50 mm spacing. Simply turn the covers upside down and hold them over the pickup poles to find the 50mm cover from the set of 3.

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