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Technical Support:

At Ironstone, customer service and technical support are seen as a big part of the Ironstone 'package'.  The Ironstone support section explores a wide variety of topics (grouped below under key themes), relating to the technical side of your pickups installation and adjustment, including the associated guitar electrical circuitry.  

If you do not find what you are looking for here in Support, or require further detail or clarification, please contact us via the dedicated Support Contact page, and be assured of our best efforts to resolve your queries.

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One thought on “Ironstone Support

  1. Hi Erwin,
    The Tele pickups are around the 7K mark, so ideally you want to be around that for the middle pickup. So probably from the Platinum range. The tele set is RWRP as a pair, so the additional middle pickup would not act like a Strat in the ‘in between 2 & 4 positions.
    If you want to go ahead, please drop me a message via the website email system and i’ll give you a quote based on your location.
    Cheers, Tony

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