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The Ironstone Sound clip and video collection

Guitar pickup tone is often a very personal preference. If you are primarily a 'single coil' player who likes 'Clean' tones, you may not be particularly concerned about a pickups performance when driven hard. Similarly a more metal orientated player is likely to be less demanding of glassy clarity. 
Of course many, many players want some of both! 
And Humbucker tones, whilst very different to single coil pickups, also have their own tonal span from dark and moody to ceramic magnet screamers!

So ultimately there is no 'Best' pickup, its about your style and preference. Sound clips can you tell part of the story, but of course personal equipment adds plenty of colour too. Click through the icons below for a representative sample of the tones available and associated YouTube videos.

Not convinced a new set of pups will help?  Then explore the examples or Ironstone sound clips from the links below.

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