Ironstone Vintage Stratocaster Strat Sound Clips Origin

Stratocaster / Strat sound clips Origin:

The Ironstone Stratocaster pickup family shares the warm, bright vintage tones. This is largely due to the use of Alnico pole pieces. Uniquely, the Origin blends both Alnico 3 and V seemlessly across all 3 pickups. Critically, this is because of their ability to deliver unrivalled tonal excellence in different pickup positions. Add to that a classic wax potted 6k Ohm winding pattern, fibre bobbins and a squat, mid range enhancing coil profile. All elements to ensure a classic 50's / 60's Fender tone experience.

The Strat sound clips Origin style below give a representative sample of the tones available from this style. All of this makes the Origins outstanding for playing styles that emphasize clear 50''s / 60's tones. This is the sound of an era's worth of influential artists!

Ironstone are happy to include good quality customer's Strat sound clips - please just get in touch through the Contact Us page.