Strat sound clips Silver

Stratocaster / Strat sound clips Silver style:

The Ironstone Stratocaster pickup family shares the warm, bright vintage tones. These are mainly derived from the use of Alnico V pole pieces. Yet each style has its own individual character blended with that base. This is driven by the level of copper windings (and thus resistance) of the individual pickups, and the overall make up of each set.

The Strat sound clips Silver style below give a representative sample of the tones available from this style. The Silvers are great for playing that emphasizes warm, vintage Blues or ‘clean’ styles but with the added grunt of the higher Bridge output when needed.

For a direct A-B sound clip comparison of Ironstone Silver and Platinum pickups against a stock Squier guitar go to Stratocaster Sound Clips.

Ironstone are happy to include good quality customer's Strat sound clips - please just get in touch through the Contact Us page.

Clean Tones:



Silver Sound / YouTube Clips

Thanks to Merv Carswell for 2 stunning gospel / jazz vibes demonstrating the Silver's range. He produced and plays all instruments on 'Salvation' (guitars recorded through a Fender Deluxe and a RE20 mic).

Charms And  Arms was recorded through a Marshall 1974 X 18 watt valve amp with a Shure SM57 mic. (probably not the combination with the Silvers, most people would think of for a clean jazzy tone).


Thanks to Hans Gruber for a very varied Silver pickup soundclip. He produced this using the amp sim Scuffham's S-Gear (with a 'cheapo Strat'). Some great tonal variety from Gilmour like Neck to cutting overdrive Bridge. More from Hans in a video clip lower down the page too!


Drive Tones:

Thanks to Hans Gruber over in Germany for his wonderful 'song for cello and the cheapest guitar on earth' (says Hans with a 🙂 symbol). And a wonderful visual collage to go with it.

Thanks to Pat Verdun over in France, for his YouTube clip of a beautifully self modified and relic'd 'Stratopat' Strat (originally a Squier Affinity).

Amp : Fender Blues Junior (JJ Electronics valves and Eminence Cannabis Rex speaker)    Overdrive : Okko Diablo Gain +    Delay : Boss DD3
Microphone : Prodipe STC3D   Recorder : Tascam 2488 MKII
Mastering : Samplitude

Check out Pat's telecaster videos as well at the Telecaster Sound Clips page.

And special thanks to Hugh Bradley for his YouTube clip showing the results of a USA 1993 Peavey Predator pickup swap - original (ceramics) to Ironstone Silver (Alnico V). As always, better through some bigger speakers, but there is an extra bass depth to the Ironstones in the middle and neck positions as well as a smoother bridge.