Gilmour Scratchplate Specifications

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The Ironstone custom assembly features a set of common Gilmour Scratchplate Pickguard Specifications, coupled with a number of colour choice options.  

Gilmour Scratchplate Specifications: The 'Black Strat' Scratchplate / Pickguard  

> Scratchplate – New 11 hole single ply, bevelled edge Jet Black as the original (rather than BWB tuxedo versions) or White 3 ply (WBW). Supplied with protective front foil still in place. Note; White 3 ply (WBW) 11 hole plates are also available upon request.
> Potentiometers / 5 Way Switch – Quality 250K Ohm potentiometers (all Log / Audio taper as Fender standard) & heavy duty 5 way switch.
> Tone Capacitor - Sprague / Cornell Dubilier  'Orange Drop' 0.022uF to allow a clean but ‘warm’ tone, from the vintage specification single coil pickup’s. 
> Pick up’s – Alnico V magnet Vintage wound staggered pole single coil units from the Ironstone range. (Please Note; the price of the completed plates is dependent on the ironstone pickups chosen).
> A miniature 3 way switch and  wiring has been added to give both the 'Gilmour' tone mod, and 'Bridge in Series' pickup configuration options (see below)
> Knobs, covers etc – New cream, white or black pickup covers, knobs and switch tip are available as options.
> Scratchplate available in all black (as the original Gilmour) or White (WBW 3 ply)

Supplied with a generous length of (pre-tinned) shielded jack socket and bridge earth connection leads for your ease of connection. Particular attention has gone into the wiring layout to eliminate the common Strat earth loops and the use of a ‘star’ earth connection arrangement at the volume control. All this helps reduce background noise and earth loop hum for your final guitar assembly (this works best if you shield the main guitar body cavity with foil too to form a complete shield environment for the pup's and controls).

The normal Stratocaster single volume, twin tone controls are enhanced with custom pickup configuration modifications, operated by a 3 way mini toggle switch. 
Moving the toggle switch ‘forward’ towards the neck adds neck in parallel to the normal 5 way switch selection, giving extra combinations of;  bridge and neck pup’s in parallel (the Gilmour tone mod) & middle and bridge and neck pup’s in parallel.

Moving the toggle switch 'backwards' towards the bridge adds the bridge in series (i.e. a higher output similar to a humbucker) to the normal 5 way switch selection, giving extra combinations of; bridge and middle in series, middle and neck in parallel,  both in series with the bridge, and finally bridge and neck in series.

The Ironstone pickups deliver a great vintage mellow tone. Some of the Ironstone Strat styles also feature a higher level of output to drive distortion when you want to - particularly with the extra grunt of the 'hot' bridge e.g. Platinums and Hybrids - check out the Sound Clips page.
An ideal upgrade electrically, sonically and visually for a Gilmour fan or any guitarist wanting a new look / custom sound selection without the expense of a Custom Shop authorised product (which this is not). The complete assembly is fully electrically and sonically tested before dispatch. This plate is a standard fit on 11 hole (21 Fret) Strat style guitars (a few screw holes may need alignment depending on model).
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