Strat Sound Clips Platinum

Stratocaster / Strat sound clips Platinum style:

The Ironstone Stratocaster pickup family shares the warm, bright vintage tones. These are mainly derived from the use of Alnico V pole pieces. Yet each style has its own individual character blended with that base. This is driven by the level of copper windings (and thus resistance) of the individual pickups, and the overall make up of each set.

The Strat sound clips Platinum style below give a representative sample of the tones available from this style. The Platinums are great for playing styles that emphasize gritty higher output Blues or Classic Rock tones, yet are still able to produce silky smooth warm tones when dialled back a little.

For a direct A-B sound clip comparison of Ironstone Silver and Platinum pickups against a stock Squier guitar go to Stratocaster Sound Clips.

Ironstone are happy to include good quality customer's Strat sound clips - please just get in touch through the Contact Us page.

Clean Tones:



Drive Tones:

Extra Sound Clips:


Thanks to Richard Brain these clips. The first two are Hendrix inspired clips using a Squier with a reverb modded WEM Westminster. The last two use a 1965 vox AC50 and Mesa Studio 22.

Professionally recorded using a mic'ed Vox VT50 combo on AC30 Top Boost modelling setting, with a hint of drive.

Thanks to Richard Brain for his 'Texas Flood' SRV tribute, using Platinum pickups in a Peavey T26. A bit brighter guitar than a standard Strat with lots more sustain. Pickups are set 5 mm from the strings. Recorded using Audacity playing through a 1973 Fender Vibrosonic which has a 15"JBL standard speaker in it. Rat Distortion pedal just about on 1 to add a bit of colour. 

Platinum's with a little drive and some phase as an example of use with effects.

Many thanks for some great soaring tones from Ian Devlin, covering the intro of Pink Floyd's 'Shine on you crazy diamond'.  

Many thanks to Pat Vurden over in France, stepping through the 5 way with his Squier Stratocaster Affinity heavy relic with Ironstone Platinum pickups. Full equipment list on his YouTube channel, but includes a Fender Blues Junior, with Cannabis Rex speaker and Okko Diablo Gain + Overdrive.  


Thanks to Andrew Morgan for his You tube clip version of the 1955 blues classic (I) Need Your Love So Bad, which has been covered by many of the Blues greats including Peter green, Gary Moore and Buddy Guy.

Also thanks to Leeroy van Gemert for his You tube clip of his trio Orion jamming live with him using an Alder body, maple Neck Strat through a Marshall JTM45 reissue (and home build treble booster!) .

My thanks to Neville Campbell-Barker (lead guitar with the UK's no. 1 Killers tribute band The Killerz) for a fabulous Facebook video clip of the Shadows classic Apache.