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Gilmour Scratchplate Pickguard Summary:

“Looks and sounds perfect. Gilmour tone out of the box. Thank you!”

“In one word, awesome!”

Please note; Due to business premises relocation, unfortunately new scratchplate builds will not now be undertaken until late November (2019). 

This is Ironstone Custom’s hand-built version of the Gilmour Scratchplate Pickguard as used on his famous ‘Black Strat’. Not only does it feature the famous ‘Gilmour mod’ (neck and bridge pickups in parallel) , but on this unique design the same 3 way miniature toggle switch also operates a ‘Bridge in Series’ pickup configuration to really boost your tonal range. This allows for a tonally fat and very convincing quasi bridge and neck humbucker to be available from normal single coil pickups.

The photos are of representative assemblies, there may be variations in wiring colour etc. The plates are supplied fully built and tested with protective foil in place. All of the clever switching happens on the plate itself, leaving just a simple 2 wire connection for you to make. Please note this is a 11 screw hole plate, and due to variations between guitars, some body hole re-alignment may be required.

Gilmour Scratchplate Pickguard Options:

> Any Ironstone Strat’ pickup option is available, prices as shown below
> White (WBW 3ply), or all black scratchplates are available
> Any combination of white, cream or black knobs, pickup covers etc is available

Given the number of combinations available, we stock a small number of part built plates, for completion to a customers specific requirements. Completed and fully tested Gilmour Scratchplate Pickguard assemblies are normally despatched within one working week of payment.

These assemblies are only available through this website. Please leave a note on the order, or send us a message to confirm your colour choices when placing an order (Contact Us) for a Gilmour Scratchplate Pickguard.

New for 2018! Scratchplate now available with ‘Bridge Blend’ option as well as the Gilmour Neck in parallel functionality (at no extra cost). Please check out the switching details and chart on the Gilmour Scratchplate Wiring page, or contact us via the contact page for more details.


Please note: The price above is the UK total price including Royal Mail First Class Recorded postage. Non UK customers will be advised of an additional postal charge (International Tracked / Signed) during the checkout process before final payment (see Shop page for current charges).



Gilmour Scratchplate Pickguard Summary:

Having built more than a dozen ‘Black Strat’ tribute guitars, customers started to ask for complete Gilmour Scratchplate Pickguard assemblies. This is now available uniquely through Ironstone Custom, allowing you to complete the majority of the guitar to your own preferences, then just drop in (a simple 3 wire connection) a professionally hand wired and fully tested scratchplate assembly.

Check out the sound clip / videos below as well as the build options tab.

See Technical Spec | See Wiring Diagram


Thanks to Mick Ryan for his sound clips of a Platinum based scratchplate playing a medley of well known Floyd pieces. Recorded  direct to pc via a Boss Gx700 effects  unit.


As a demonstration of the ‘bridge in series’ switching capability of these Gilmour plates, have a listen to this high gain tone video (bridge and middle in series).

Finally, thanks to Ian Gorse for a YouTube ‘Pink Floyd medley’ using an Ironstone Gilmour scratchplate (with upgraded platinum pickup set) on a ’91 Squier Strat. Below the video is an MP3 of the Time solo from the video recorded using a Line 6 Pod XT.


Build Options

The Ironstone Gilmour scratchplates are available with a number of options, allowing you to ‘build’ your perfect plate.

Pickup Options:
All of the Ironstone Strat pickups can be ordered as the basis of your plate – Silver, Gold, Platinum, Hybrid and Origin.
The choice of pickups determines the price for the completed plate.

Scratchplate Colour Options:
Two options are standardly available, all Black (3 ply thickness), or White (WBW 3 ply).
Alternative, given the huge selection of scratchplates available, Ironstone are happy to complete a build on a customer supplied plate (customer to cover delivery cost to Ironstone). Please contact us before ordering to arrange this.

Fittings Colour Options:
The pickup covers, knobs and switch tip can be standardly ordered as the following colour options;
White, Black, Cream (aged white).

Any queries regarding these options, or any other aspect of the scratchplates, please just contact Ironstone through the Contact Us page.

14 reviews for Gilmour Scratchplate Pickguard

  1. Richard Crediton-Hughes (verified owner)

    The guitar is a 1985/6 Jap built Strat. It’s previous owner had done unspeakable things to it.
    After tearing it down, I realised the body was clean, virtually scratch free and all of the body mods made to accommodate a weird pickup, would be covered by the scratchplate.
    In the past I’ve used Ironstone pickups as first choice – let’s face it they’re pretty damn fine! So I ordered the ‘top of the shop’ version of the Gilmour modded plate. Simple to fit, and within a hour of receiving it I was being amazed, and loving the sheer flexibility, from fingerpicked clean, to overdriven down and dirty. Tried out now on amp modelled Cube 80, hot valves with my Marshall JCM 900, and Orange Tiny Terror, and Rockerverb 50, also my THR10 practice amp. It does the job, fantastically well – in fact, I’m in need of getting into the studio with it now to use a bit of volume!
    Huge thanks to Tony for helping me save one of those now very sought after Jap Strats – as I’ve already said – ‘It’s a keeper!’

    • Anthony Partridge

      As Richard says, my top of the range, mixed magnet Origin pickup equipped plate, as befits a classic guitar like his. And always rewarding to help a guitar back from the grave! Cheers, Tony

  2. Alan Miller (verified owner)

    I installed the Gilmour Scratchplate with Platinum pickups into a Kit built Guitar with a very resonant Ash body. The the improvement and tonal palette
    is now astounding, I’m very busy exploring all the new sounds and possibilities that I have in combination with my Amp.
    A big thank You to Tony and all involved in the in the high quality of the product and the top service in sorting out a postal problem.
    Regards Alan

  3. Nick Hadlow (verified owner)

    I put the Gilmour scratchguard (Platinum pickups) into a 2002 Squier Standard Strat.

    First of all, the scratchplate assembly was absolutely immaculate and arrived in less than a week – Tony’s communication throughout has been first class and gave me confidence to choose the Platinums. A genuine pleasure to deal with.

    The important bit though, is that I’ve now got a Strat that sounds ‘proper’ and gives amazing versatility – not just the extra switching options but the responsiveness of the pickups. Having a guitar you don’t have nagging doubts about is a huge boost to confidence in playing – the only trouble is, the frets are already well-used and given that I haven’t picked up another guitar since getting the scratchplate a couple of weeks ago I’ll probably need a new neck in a year’s time!

    I can’t claim to be a great guitarist, but the difference this has made to the sound is very, very obvious and in the best possible way. I suspect that I’ll be back for more from Ironstone at some point in the future.

    • Tony Partridge

      Many Thanks Nick. Ease of installation is a big part of these plates. I aim to deliver the most tonal variety for the least amount of end-user installation effort!

  4. Ian Torbitt

    Shame I’m only coming back here now after about 2 years, been enjoying my strat so much! I started my ” black strat” project and searched for an easy solution to the pups and associated wiring loom etc, you can imagine how excited I was when I found Tony ! I’ve actually documented the build, which other readers may find useful, you can find it here. So why am I posting now? After all this time? Well I’ve sold my “black strat” and have just acquired a Squier Vintage Modern 70s black strat and while the fitted Seymour Duncan’s sound good….they aren’t as good as Tony’s , so it looks like I’ll be back for another complete gilmour set up from Tony.

    • Tony Partridge

      Hi again Ian, I had forgotten how good your ‘Build Blog’ is, so I have popped a link to it on the website Gilmour plate page for all to see! And of course thanks for the praise re the SD comparison. I’ll look forward to hearing from you. And what happened to the SRV / Gallagher plans…Tony

  5. Johnnie (verified owner)

    I had purchased some Ironstone pickups a couple of years ago for a strat and was very impressed with the sound from them.

    This project was to upgrade a Squier Standard Strat. After a brief conversation with Tony to sanity check my plans I decided to go ahead and order the Gilmore scratchplate with Hybrid pickups. It arrived a few days early and when I opened the boxed it looked amazing. Tony is an electrician by trade and his soldering work is second to none. I was very pleased that I had decided to order the scratchplate and leave all the soldering to him. I fitted the plate to the guitar the following weekend. The sound is just as amazing as the build quality of the plate. I can get all those distinct “Pink Floyd” strat sounds that I had grown up hearing and have been so heavily influenced by.

    I would certainly recommend this to anyone who wants to supercharge a stratocaster.

  6. David Wilmot (verified owner)

    Hi there,
    This is my second set of the ironstone pickups i have they transformed my squire into a pleasure to play my second project was to try and build a 1964 stat in theory all from Ebay I got an old squire burst body a new mighty mite v neck and the ironstone Gilmore scatchplate and the results are exactly what I have always wanted inspiring
    Thank you again,

  7. ChrisAdmin

    “Thought I’d send you an update.The gear arrived on time, thanks.My local dealer installed it last week and it sounds fantastic,in fact the guy who installed it wanted to keep it..!!
    I’ve used it at home on a practice amp and can’t wait to try it out properly. I’m still trying to work out the various pick up configurations, even whilst looking at your helpful diagram.I guess it would be more useful to just use my ears!
    I couldn’t be more pleased with the results of your efforts on this, it has changed the sound of my Strat beyond recognition.
    I would have to spend a serious amount of money to get the same results from any other guitar.As it is, I’ve spent less than £130 on the whole project..!!”

  8. ChrisAdmin

    “The scratchplate arrived yesterday and it was very well packed. Fitted it last night and had a quick play on it. I am very impressed with the sound (Ironstone note; Gold pickups), very clear, very clean just what I wanted and perfect for Shadows music.
    I also like the other pickup combinations lots of choice great sounds. It has breathed new life into my strat – its like having a new guitar.
    Thank you very much can`t wait until the weekend to try it out properly. Great job well done”

  9. ChrisAdmin

    “the black strat is now finished . . I have gigged it a couple of times. I must say the improvement in clarity, tone, overdrive and feel is amazing . . back the vol pot off a touch . . Hank Marvin ! wind the vol pot right up . . SRV ! brilliant . . thats just the strat wiring too . . .
    In the ‘Gilmour position’, a little delay, Big Muff just starting to crunch . . . shine on and comfortably numb sound probably as near as I will get . . turn up the gain on the strat and the intro to Sorrow is . . . well . . . Gilmour ! (so I’m told.)
    As I thought, in the humbucker mode, amazing deep south, jangly, screamy . . . scary to be honest ! Brill with Freebird solo.
    I’m totally impressed and will be using Ironstone for future projects . ..”.

  10. ChrisAdmin

    From the Harmony Central review; “I just couldn’t be happier with my purchase. For all those out there with a Squier strat or similar then this is the upgrade that you need to transform that guitar into something special. I went for the silver pickup option which gives a real vintage sound with the ability to get hotter when you need. Ironstone also have even hotter pickups in their range for that SRV sound and I’m willing to bet that they will sound equally good. Tony (who is Ironstone Pickups really) is a super chap and will go out of his way to get you exactly what you are looking for (he made the bridge pickup specially hot for me). I can’t recommend these pickups enough, don’t be put off by the budget price these are serious bits of kit. Get them now before everyone else finds them and the price shoots up.”

  11. ChrisAdmin

    “All I can say is Brilliant, I installed the plate into my 1996 squire strat and wow what a difference. I was considering buying a Fender strat ,not now. A friend who is a blues man tried it out . It took me 4 hours to get the guitar back, and as for the price I don’t think it can be beaten. Thank you for the beautiful tone.”

  12. ChrisAdmin

    “The scratchplate arrived safe and sound. Got it soldered in this afternoon and absolutely love it, the depth of tone compared to the stock pups is huge. the cleans are glass like and sound awesome. Many thanks indeed for a great product” (Platinum grade pickups)

  13. ChrisAdmin

    “….you may remember me having a Gilmour set-up with platinum pickups in it. Well I have had my hands on it since Xmas now and after extensive jamming would like to thank you for an amazing set-up! The guitars played through a fender blues junior amp and no matter what I’m playing the variety in the pickups and the extra switching options mean the guitars so versatile its unbelievable. Have recommended your pickups to everyone that will listen! The modest price tag does not do these pickups justice, and you can quote me on all of that!!”

  14. ChrisAdmin

    Looks and sounds perfect. Gilmour tone out of the box. Thank you!
    In one word, awesome!
    Great item good price sounds like Floyd a1++++
    Great seller, great communication, great product! Sounds AMAZING! Thanks A++
    A1 ebayer can’t fault,, excellent item amazed at the tone!! and quality
    looks fantastic, work out the component costs, this is a bargain. great trade
    Great product! professionally made. Good communication, prompt dispatch good p&p
    Excellent communication, fast delivery and well packed !
    excellent easy smooth transaction and sounds brilliant A++++++++++++++++++++++
    Perfect Product, perfect service & communication, wunderbar!!!!
    Great item, very well put together. Packed very securely and quick delivery !!A+
    Fast delivery, amazing bit of kit, many thanks! A++++
    Awesome Seller – looks amazing!!! And talk about quick delivery!!!
    < ([ GREAT ])> Very well made pickguard – good communication – 1A

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