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Vintage Strat Pickups Platinum Alnico V

(28 customer reviews)


Strat Pickups Platinum

“just letting you know how the pups worked out, I love them, they’re punchy, clear, crisp, have a beautifully rich tone, and the highs are like liquid crystal. For double the cost, I don’t think I could’ve found a better set. Nice one!”


Ironstone’s Strat pickups Platinum set is a combination of higher resistance pickups particularly suited to playing styles that emphasize gritty higher output Blues or Classic Rock tones, yet are still able to produce silky smooth warm Alnico tones when dialled back a little.
So if you are after those deliciously dirty SRV Stratocaster  tones – look no further!
Lightly beveled pole pieces and gloss finish covers add to the vintage styling.


Stratocaster Wiring Colour Code:

Bridge = Blue     (magnets are ‘South Up’ i.e. attract a compass North)
Middle = Yellow  (magnets are ‘North Up’ i.e. attract a compass South)
Neck = Red        (magnets are ‘South Up’ i.e. attract a compass North)


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Vintage Strat Pickups Platinum Alnico V

The Ironstone vintage Strat pickups Platinum Alnico V style, features resistances of an 8.5k Ohm ‘spanking hot’ Bridge and 7.4k Ohm hot middle and neck configuration, as well as 43 AWG windings (as the Texas Specials).
Like all of the Ironstone Stratocaster pickup range, the Platinums share the ‘family’ warm vintage tone set. The resistance configuration of Ironstone’s Strat pickups Platinum set means they are at the hotter end of the range. They have a wide dynamic range, which means they are extremely responsive to playing styles. Use some sensitivity and they will rewards you with very good clean tones. Dig in with the pick and you will get an increasingly grittier output.
As all of the Ironstone Strat pickups, the Platinums come complete with all required mounting hardware (and are also supplied with a length of latex mounting tubing for you to cut to your own requirements) and colour code wiring identification.
They are available with either White, Cream (Aged White), or Black covers.
Replacement cover sets are also available in White, Cream (Aged White), or Black. These enable easy updating of guitar colour schemes or when moving pickups to another guitar body. See Stratocaster pickup covers

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28 reviews for Vintage Strat Pickups Platinum Alnico V

  1. Pete Martin (verified owner)

    This is my second set of the strat pickups, my first being the silver. I loved the silver, they have remained in one of my main gigging guitars for years until I decided I fancied a change and maybe a set with a little more output. These do not disappoint, they still contain the same clarity and articulation of the silvers but with more punch. There is a fatness in the bridge that pushes amps a little harder and allows my pacifica to keep up with the likes of my tele and les pauls which used to give me much more gain. I’ve no doubt these will stay in one of my favourite guitars. How more people done know about these picksups is beyond me, they should be raved about all over the internet. Superb job, and excellent customer service!

    • Anthony Partridge

      Always good to hear such positive reviews from returning customers Pete. I think a ‘fatter version of the Silvers’ is a good overall summing up of the Platinums. As you indicate, we aim to keep the clarity of tone across the range, even when applied to the higher output sets like the Plats. The Ironstone strategy is very low key marketing, which probably explains your point….global domination is not us at all! But don’t let that hold you back from telling your mates of course. Cheers, Tony

  2. Stuart Moseley

    Fitted the hybrid pickups to a self build strat style guitar.After much research settled on these pickups.Once found the height sweet spot,they offer the tone I was looking for.Along with series switching on position 2 and 4,and an on/off switch for neck pickup on demand(ala Gilmour selected),allowing for extra tones.All pickups have their own tones which I am happy with,especially with a bit of overdrive.

    • Anthony Partridge

      Glad to have helped Stuart, during our various messages before you selected the Hybrids. Great to hear the set-up has turned out so well. Cheers, Tony

  3. John Bruce (verified owner)

    Excellent pickups in my opinion. I bought them for a self-build Strat. I spent about a year doing the guitar, pure tung oil finish on the body etc. all the nonsense that you do, because you can on a self-build. I picked these pickups because they really seemed to fit with what I was after and they have delivered with bells on! The fact that they are realistically priced is a massive bonus. I would urge anyone to have the confidence not to go automatically with one of the expensive, big brand options.

    • Anthony Partridge

      Always good to hear ‘long run’ stories John. We all know how guitar projects go! Anyway, glad you got exactly the tone you were after, and of course I would echo your comments about the big brands. Solid quality pickups of course, but at a price. Cheers, Tony

  4. Arthur Hayden

    Just received and installed these pickups in my 1984 Fender USA Strat,
    As a professional musician who writes and records original music ,
    the sound from these pickups are excellent, better than the originals in my opinion.
    Great pickups .

    • Anthony Partridge

      Thanks for the positive comparison! Always great to hear from an experienced ‘ear’.

  5. Simon Gunn (verified owner)

    I’ve just fitted a set of Ironstone Platinums to a new build, using standard wiring with a treble-bleed mod. They are by far the very best and versatile pickups I’ve ever played. From glassy but shivering clear, bell-like top to a gut punch bridge; warm, rich vintage. I thought the Pure Vintage Toneriders that I fitted to my son’s old Rock School Squier were good, but these are in another league. All the clarity maintained rolling back because of the treble bleed; every position detailed and distinct. I would say they are at least on a par with my MIM Strat if not slightly better. Thank you for your help and superb customer service Tony. I would recommend Ironstone to anyone wanting to upgrade or build. Already planning my next project…

  6. Alan Broadfoot (verified owner)

    Hi Tony
    Pickups arrived on Saturday past, and though I’d never done any soldering before, I hoped it would be pretty straightforward to install them. Thankfully it was!! I’ve had the Tokai Strat ST50 since ’84/’85 and it had been modded once before by a friend who swapped out the bridge pup for a ‘Schaller’ of some kind. Other 2 were originals but since they didn’t match I’d fallen out with the guitar over the years; and with now trying to re-kindle my interest in playing it was causing me issues.
    So now I have 3 matched pups, and with a couple of setup tweaks, I can at least now have a proper go again. I always used to simply use the bridge when playing, but now with your pups installed, I always look to the neck first, cos now this is where the guitar sings!! So happy I looked to you for replacements, and extremely pleased with the results!!!
    Many Thanks

    • Anthony Partridge

      Good to hear all has gone smoothly Alan, and delighted you are so happy with the (extremely versatile) Platinums. Tokia Strats are wonderful instruments and positively beg for quality pickup upgrades to do justice to the build quality of the day.

  7. Colin (verified owner)

    Platinum pickups. Installed and working great, I love the tones across all three.

  8. David

    can’t tell you how impressed I am with these pups – wonderful balanced cleans, it just sings with gain and distortion , my Vintage Fillmore Strat is transformed. – a very happy bunny I can’t put my guitar down.

    • Anthony Partridge

      That’s the Platinums David, super resonsive to playing style and versatile across the range from clean to grit!

  9. Joe May

    Platinum set just fitted to my 80`s Korean Squier strat and what a difference they have made !
    The guitar sings and rings like never before,thanks for all your help and advice Tony.

    • Anthony Partridge

      80’s and 90’s MIK Squiers are some of the nicest instruments to play out there.
      Glad to hear the new Ironstone’s have lifted the ‘stock tone’ to where it deserves to be.

  10. Eugene Archer

    2 Platinum alnico V single coils and a 15.5k alnico V humbucker installed in a Yamaha Pacifica . . . it’s like having a completely new guitar ! I’d lived with the original pickups in the pacifica for a few years but as many will testify they’re somewhat lacking in character so following a bit of research on the net I contacted Tony who provided some excellent and helpful advice. The pickups arrived in France 4 days later and there was no problem installing them thanks to the supplied wiring diagrams. The difference was immediately obvious. Oh yes ! Instead of the rather lifeless original single coils I now have a variety of sounds that are much more expressive and so much wider in range and responsiveness, likewise for the humbucker which blends in very well in terms of overall sound and volume. It’s been a few weeks now since they were installed I absolutely love the improvement. I had been debating whether to invest in another guitar to get the sound I was looking for but honestly, for the very modest cost of a set of these pickups, this was definitely a better choice. I really can’t thank Tony enough for his good advice and excellent customer service from start to finish. Outstanding result and so happy I’ll definitely try the tele replacement pickups next. Cheers Tony, keep up the good work !

    • Anthony Partridge

      Thanks of course for all of the positive comments Eugene, and I’m pleased to say they mirror what many Pacifica users tell me. I don’t advertise the HSS combo on the site, but if anyone is interested, please contact me and we can sort out a set. Cheers,

  11. Steve Willis (verified owner)

    Love the way these pickups have improved the tone of my 50’s reissue Mexican strat. They retain that classic 50’s vintage chime but give you a lot more crunch when you crank things up than the Fender pickups did. I have a partscaster build planed and that guitar will definitely get treated to a set of Ironstone pickups too.

    • Anthony Partridge

      Looking forward to your next project then Steve!

  12. AGarnette (verified owner)

    Good customer service. I have finally installed these pickups and am nicely impressed. I went with a .47nF cap. These pickups have a really cutting high end allowing me to hear all the nuances (sliding over each fret, the string tapping against the fretboard, the fingers hitting the strings, etc.). The pickups in my cheap starter guitar are incredibly muddy and bassy in comparison. The Ironstones also sound a bit louder and fuller than a great set of Duncan Designed single coils I have – could be due to higher output and louder mids. They have a lot of bite with the tone fully open, but dial it back a bit and they are clear and glassy for softer music. Very responsive to dynamics.

    • Tony Partridge

      The Platinum’s are arguably the most versatile Strat pup in the range, so thanks for your praise which testifies to that!

  13. Graham Horsham (verified owner)

    Hi , just like to add my piece to these reviews, I have built solid bodies from scratch in years gone by and spent lots on pickups etc. Having lots of fun upgrading squire strats for friends and family in the music scene just now. I used the Silver set for the last one and on the strength of the results have just installed the platinums in a Gilmore lookalike for my son. I’d recommend any of these strat pickups as an upgrade for your guitar. I bought a new USA standard Strat a number of years ago from a highstreet music shop and use this as my bench mark. Now the sound of a guitar is subjective to the individual but in my view these pick ups though sounding differant are every bit as good in all departments,subjective as i said,The term often used is great pickups for the price ,(wrong) These pickups are great pickups full stop .but also when you weigh up the cost of american fender pups against the Ironstone pups its a no brainer,so if you swithering on buying any of these sets go ahead youll be rewarded in the end product. ps got a few tele projects coming up and i know where ill be getting my pickups from.cheers.

    • Tony Partridge

      Thanks for the praise Graham, and looking forward to helping you on the Tele projects too.

  14. Richard Davies

    AMAZING…..As a returning customer I would like to congratulate Ironstone on producing a fantastic choice of amazing pickups. They do exactly what they say they do, and are up there with the best. Anyone thinking of upgrading should seriously consider Ironstone…I have just installed a set of Platinums to my ’78 Strat and just can not describe how good they are. Thank you once again.

    • Tony Partridge

      Hi Richie,
      Thanks of course for the praise. The Platinums (along with the Golds) are my best sellers, the most versatile Strat pups in the range.
      Cheers, tony

  15. paul

    love the platinum pups!!! they are hot with plenty of bite… but not harsh – nice and glassy, well balanced and transparent. if clear as a bell doesn’t apply exactly let me reverse it: if i ever get a bell i want it to sound like that…:-)

  16. Peter

    I finally put my set of Platinums into a Strat copy I got for next to nothing (just to tinker with), and the results are way beyond anything I expected. With a new trem block and these pickups, it sounds simply amazing, I can’t put it down. I have my eyes on a cheap Tele as my next modding project, so I’ll definitely be a returning customer. Thank you!

    • Tony Partridge

      Hi Peter, Always love to hear the ‘can’t put it down’ comment!

  17. Gary Ward

    Had some noiseless pups £££’s in my 83 MIJ and they wasn’t good at all, got these platinums for a project, but decided to dropped them into the Mij instead, I also made a couple of other small minor mods… Wow.. Talk about brace yourself..! the thing absolutly sings, why hasnt anyone mentioned the sustain, or is it just me, what is it with pickups & manufacturers that makes such a big price gap.? I’ve got Texas Specials in another Axe and the difference is.. Err, well.. Just consider these has an alternative Strat upgrade, I’m sure they’ll make any Strat sound good.. Bad bits, don’t like the way they look from yhe top, nor do I like the way the covers fits over the pups, but hey, as I’ve already said, its the sound the make, they are in my fave guitar and the sez it all…

    • Tony Partridge

      Hi Gary, Thanks very much for the positive review of the platinums. I’m also interested to hear exactly what it is about the look / fit of the covers that you don’t like? I use pretty standard after-market covers. Cheers, Tony

  18. Tony Partridge

    “just letting you know how the pups worked out, I love them, they’re punchy, clear, crisp, have a beautifully rich tone, and the highs are like liquid crystal. For double the cost, I don’t think I could’ve found a better set. Nice one!”

  19. ChrisAdmin

    “absolutely awesome, better sound than a Mexican fender”

  20. ChrisAdmin

    “Ironstone Strat pickups, platinum grade, just fitted to my ’79 USA Strat. Firstly the reference to
    my other three Strats has to be considered ,a genuine s1 with noiseless fender p/ups, and one
    fitted with Tonerider vintage p/ups. My 3rd is a custom made swamp ash bodied/maple neck one,
    fitted with golden age p/ups all s/c and high quality, so I know what a great pickup sounds like.
    Musical fidelity from these platinum s/coils is equal to all the former types , with a character
    of their own. They embody the classic vintage tones of the best fender ever made, faultless and
    very very good value at £30 a set …… definitely not a one trick pony, when you
    open them up full & o/d the amp, they retain warmth, clarity & smoothness. I can recommend these. “

  21. ChrisAdmin

    “I finally installed the Platinum series that I got on ebay to my old Mexican Strat and followed your tips on wiring and pots…
    All I can say is OH MY GOD!!
    I got the sounds of a top dollar strat and I can’t even face playing my trusty ‘ole Les Paul!!!
    Your pick ups are truly awesome, thank you but I don’t think I can thank you enough.
    Fantastic product, good price, great service, fast postage and an excellent website, no guitarist can ask for more.”

  22. ChrisAdmin

    “Well, fitted the pups myself. They are great. just like getting a new guitar. I have a friend who has a USA strat. I can’t tell
    the difference in tone between mine now and his. Your pickups are great and so affordable. Keep up the good work.
    You can quote me on this” (MIM Strat upgrader).

  23. ChrisAdmin

    “Received the Plats this morning had a busy day so had to wait until this evening to pop them in!
    Good God! They are outstandingly good! Truly speechless.”

  24. ChrisAdmin

    “….I managed to get the those Platinum Pup’s in my Strat at the weekend, and I am impressed !!!…
    definitely seem to be an improvement on the stock Fenders straight away……crystal clear Strat tone’s from all positions……
    no ‘muddy’ tones when driven, in fact the tone is so clear I am having to adjust my settings on the amp to suit and I’m finding
    sounds the guitar never had before !!……I am still experimenting with the sound at the moment,
    but I am well pleased with what I have heard so far and excellent value for money !!… many reviewers have said, I would have been pleased with them even if I had spent two or three times as much…….a great product !! “

  25. ChrisAdmin

    “Beautiful set …Meaty lows and defined highs…Real fat strat sound with beautiful defined mid freq and much responsiveness to player’s touch. I installed this set to my 25 years old Pacifica with rosewood fingerboard and alder body… now sounds like a real “texas beast”.
    I have many strat style guitars with several sets of great pickups but… really impressed by your great products that have their own character.. Not a reproduction like many others.Good work! “

  26. ChrisAdmin

    “Firstly, I’ve gotta hand it to you, they do exactly what it says on the tin!!! Secondly, why on earth anyone would spend hundreds of pounds on pickups now is beyond me! I started with a ‘P’ serial MIJ Squier with a really fantastic neck. I changed out the basswood body for a new 2 piece alder one sprayed in 3TS nitro by my own fair hand – this made a huge difference to the brightness and depth acoustically. I had been playing the guitar for a week or so with no electrics (or even a guard) and it really sings; the fit, feel everything was perfect.
    The ceramic pups on those early Squiers always seem to lack definition and get muddy with distortion, so I decided I wanted some alnicos and via ebay found the Ironstone webpage. Having browsed the site and read some fantastic reviews I settled on a set of Plats – who wouldn’t want SRV tone for 30 quid!! 2 days later they arrived. I already had my guard set up in anticipation; CTS pots, cloth wiring, .047uf cap, treble bleed for Vol and Switchcraft jack; the pickups took me all of 10 minutes to install (loving the rubber risers btw). Another 10 and she was back together, strung up and ready to rock. I spent a few minutes getting the height right then I let her have it!
    Let me say, cranked up through a clean channel these pickups have balls! Big fat hairy ones! And it isn’t from a distortion stand point, they are just incredibly punchy – it’s as if they rip into the amp and pull the notes out!! Add a bit of dirt and…WATCH OUT!! Then by backing off slightly on the volume and softening them with the tone you find your crystal clears. You can go from ‘Texas Flood’ to ‘Lenny’ just by using the controls on your guitar. I’m not saying that these pickups will make you sound like SRV but BY GOD do they help. I now have the SRV tone that I’ve been chasing all these years and a guitar that I would put up against anything on or off the market!
    I can’t recommend them enough and and I’m dying to try out the rest of the range.

  27. ChrisAdmin

    “I’ve finished the “Gilmour” type strat project today using your platinum pickups and WOW!!! What a sound!!!
    Just what I was after from my Strat! Rich warm tones to beautiful clean to snarling overdrive..
    They sound awesome through my Marshall valve amp!
    So so pleased! I will recommend your pickups to all. I’ve bought pickups in the past that cost £££ more and they’re not a patch!
    Thanks for all your help and advice over the past few weeks. Please post my feedback on your site/ ads if you so wish”

  28. ChrisAdmin

    “Received and installed in a great playing standard Squier strat, only let down by thin sounding indonesian pickups.
    Your Ironstones produce an unbelievable sound for this price (or any price!). I have genuine Fender 54 pickups in my favourite Fender Japan 54 re-issue stratocaster (built in 93) costing £129 a set and Fender Texas Specials in another Japanese Fender Sratocaster, which cost £149. Very difficult to hear any difference in quality comparing the Ironstones with the Fenders, which is amazing given the price difference. This either says a lot about Ironstone or a great deal about Fenders profit margin! I buy and rebuild a few Stratocasters
    each year (not of course valuable genuine vintage USA strats-mostly japanese built) and will be using
    Ironstone pickups for any future requirements. Thanks again.”

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