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"...took the guitar to the gig last night & it truly rocked! Your p/ups have turned a nice Squier into a truly great guitar..."


Ironstone Stratocaster Range:

Stratocaster guitar pickups from Ironstone. Featuring Alnico V magnets and available in 4 styles:

Silver grade – Classic rock tones:
particularly suited to playing that emphasizes warm, Blues or ‘rock’ styles but with the added grunt of the higher Bridge output when you want it.

Gold grade – Clean 60's & Shadows tones:
designed to give especially clean warm tones, so great for playing that aims to capture those vintage classic Blues or ‘clean’ styles.

Platinum Grade – High output rock + good Cleans:
featuring hotter pickups in the middle and neck and a real spanking hot rod in the bridge position. Particularly suited to playing styles that emphasize gritty higher output Classic Rock or dirty Blues tones.

Hybrid Grade – 'The sound of an Era’:
designed to capture the tones of the Fender late 60's early 70's Strat era, with vintage style pole piece stagger and 43 AWG windings (as the Texas Specials). A very meaty pickups set with great sensitivity, think Hendrix, Gallagher and Trower.

These are all available with white, cream or black covers and come complete with all mounting hardware. Replacement covers are also available at Stratocaster pickup covers.



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Ironstone Stratocaster Pickups Silver Alnico V

Ironstone Stratocaster Pickups Platinum Alnico V

Ironstone Strat Pickups Hybrid Alnico V

Ironstone Vintage Stratocaster Pickups Origin Alnico Mixed Magnet