Ironstone Guitar Pickup Wiring

Ironstone Electric Guitar Pickup Wiring

Ironstone Electric Guitar Pickup Wiring:

The majority of single coil guitar pickups use a pair of standard unshielded wires to make the connection between the pickup winding themselves and the main guitar switching components. Normal electric guitar pickup wiring. But sensitivity to unwanted ambient electrical noise - always an issue with single coil pickups - is increased with the length of any cabling run. So Ironstone thinks it makes sense to replace old style wiring with Audio grade shielded signal wire.

Buts its a bit different to connect up, so Ironstone Pickups have produced a support page describing and illustrating with photos the best electric guitar pickup wiring and connection practice.


Guitar Pickup Wiring


So check out the page below to see how to do the best job of connecting up your new Ironstone's and benefitting from some extra single coil noise immunity.
Guitar Pickup Wiring